Diane x Jillian

Diane Beach, Jillian Gallagher
Locations: Pittsburgh, Austin

The concept of the story is to show a dramatized version of the day you met. I think this honest, story-forward content leading up to your wedding will be extremely meaningful. We will link the back-story and your wedding day together into one storyline.


 01 - Intro

Diane and Jillian met online (through OkCupid) and exchanged information. Shortly after, Diane jokingly facetimed with Jillian "over coffee" as their first live interaction. The story begins through Jillian's perspective, interacting afar with Diane.


02 First Encounter

Over the course of two weeks, the two spoke on Facetime every night. Diane and Jillian agree to meet in person. Diane flies to Pittsburgh and books a hotel. At the airport, from afar Jillian is waiting for Diane to arrive and is visibly nervous and tense. Diane sneaks near and surprises Jillian with a "Hey!" - the two smile and share a gaze for a brief moment before hugging.* The two are seen in the car on their way to the hotel.

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03 Motel

At the motel the two of you exchange additional dialogue. More subtle, and exposing the tension (or freedom) you may have felt earlier, feelings for eachother, etc. We have a tasteful set of couple session scenes - up to where you feel comfortable.

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04 Coffee Shop - Vandal CoffeE

This part of the film is where we can insert meaningful storytelling dialogue. I need some deep feedback from the both of you in terms, of perhaps, some things you may have been dealing with before, or things your grateful for now that you're together. This coffee shop interaction is key for also reinforcing important arches in your story such as "the coffee date" and how it's finally in person. If there are any vulnerabilities your willing to share that may add to the film, I can find subtle ways to introduce them. The coffee shop scene can either be used as a day 2 morning scene with reinforcing dialogue to what was previously shown - or a future-to-past order where we begin with the coffee shop dialogue and switch back and fourth (or show entire coffee shop dialogue and skip to scenes above respectively). The important thing is we start logging as much potential story telling content as possible. If the acting in the dialogue scenes doesn't work well on film we can always try other editing styles still pointing context to these images.

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05 Austin - Wedding



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