Diane x Jillian

1. Good dialogue evokes the way people actually talk in real life 2. Good dialogue has a purpose and builds toward something


Our Story - Diane dialogue

Our story is ours. It cannot be duplicated. There will never be another quite like it. Let me repeat - no other two humans will have our experience. I write this as a way to always remind us of how it all began. This is our beginning and the first chapter into our lives. (This is the day we met.)

It all began when I received a message on June 5th, 2016 from "OptimistCurls" asking how I enjoyed (visiting) New Orleans. Let me remind you that I'm a jokester. I didn't take online dating seriously. I mean, I probably had a better shot of winning the lottery or being struck by lightning than finally meeting the right person. Yes, I was a cynic when it came to this stuff. I mainly had the profile made because of boredom and to see who was in my city. To drive home my point, in my profile photo, I was wearing a moose costume with ray-bans and a red tie. My profile was littered with dry sarcasm and bad jokes. Still, on that day, I received that short message from you, Jillian. I looked at your profile and the beauty in your smile drew me in. I couldn't help but think, "this person sounds awesome, sucks that she lives in Pittsburgh".  I responded to that message anyway - without hesitation. I answered your question and asked you (painted?) questions in return. What I got back was a funny, well thought out response.

Our initial emails were very long for two people living thousands of miles away. In your last message you asked if I would like to "face time over coffee". I smiled from ear to ear reading that. You say you picked me. I say I was ready for you, but I like to believe all the things we have done right for ourselves and all of the things that tried to break us in the past.. This is the universe, or karma finally having our back. (and) I believe we didn't have a choice at all in the matter.

Like Plato's Symposium says, two souls begin formed together, then split apart when dropped on Earth. These two souls then spend their entire lives looking for their other half and often fail.. But (it's) the rare (lucky?) ones that find their original half. (“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”)

Notes: I propose we do all these scenes in the same warddrobe (nice, yet casual) except for Vandal Coffee. This is at the end of the "trip". The entire story takes place in one day except for the coffee shop.

Long Distance Scenes -
Scenes of Jillian facetiming and texting someone around the house
Master Wide, Jillian facetiming at home texting - facetime beeping begins and she picks up
Jillian, "Hey!" "Okay, I'll see you when you get here"

Vandal Coffee -
Quick smiling glances, then looking back down at coffee
Waiter (not shown - camera right) "Do you need a few minutes to look over the menu? Alright, I'll be back"
Playful back and fourth (find a prop/subject - something authentic to you two) What did you two talk about a lot when you first met? Use this.
Diane smiling, "I wanted to give you this"
"What's this?"
Diane brings notebook closer, "It's a journal" as Diane smirks. "I went ahead and started it".
Jillian, surprised and happy reaches out her hand "Let's see". Jillian glances down at the journal.
Jillian, laughs and playfully says "I can't believe you put that in here!"
Diane, "So now, when you finish writing your part -"
Jillian interrupts, excited "- you want me to hand it back to you?"
Pause, Diane smiles,
Diane, "I bet this beats having coffee over facetime"
Jillian laughs, "Has it really been (weeks, months)"? "
Diane, "Since we met? Yeah"
Pause, shared eye contact,
Jillian, "I wish you didn't have to fly back so soon"
Diane gently smiling, "I know"

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Thunderbird Scenes -
Master Wide, Jillian helping Diane towards car with luggage (Airport? Nearby garage?)
Dialogue - First meeting. Diane sneaking up and saying "Hey!" or Visual Representation instead (Depends on schedule)
Jillian already in car, Diane opens car door and gets in
Collection of glances (x2)
Holding hands
Drive past bridges, perhaps skylines
Diane slumped over, tired from travels, looking out the window

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Couple Session -
Master Wide push and pulls
Wide and Portrait
// Lincoln Bloom References

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