mark blake weddings film GUIDE

Your in-depth crash course on all our offerings

Cinematic Films

Our cinematic films come in two styles: Trailer films (our short format) and Highlight films (our standard format).  Trailers are perfect to hold family and friends over (and social media) until your main wedding deliverables are completed (highlight and chapters). Trailers are usually heavily focused on your couple session from your wedding day and under one minute in duration, delivered between 4-8 weeks after your event date. Highlight films showcase the best moments from your entire wedding day in our signature style. Under five minutes in duration and delivered between 16-18 weeks after your event date. Highlight films vary on duration based on the content and details of the day - a simple backyard wedding or elopement will (usually) not have the same amount of content and formalities as a full-blown ballroom wedding. Please consult with us directly on how to maximize the content on your day.

The Trailer Film - <1 min duration

The Highlight Film - <5 min Duration

Chapter FILMS - Varied Duration

Our Chapters vary in duration based on the formal event. These are edited in a chronological documentary style with no special effects or background music - meant to be experienced as full-length pieces. When developing a story-driven highlight film we may choose to leave out non-essential moments depending on your film's focus. This could include an unforgiving roast of the groom by the best man, cake cutting or other moments. We've developed an easy chapter approach to relive moments from your day that didn't make the cut for your highlight or trailer films. Our packages currently only offer toasts and ceremony chapters by default. Additional chapters may be edited upon request (this includes getting ready, first dances, general reception dancing, etc) at the current chapter rate displayed on our pricing guide.


chapters Playlist

00 Ceremony - 29:09
01 Toasts - 29:25
02 General Reception Dancing - 03:29